Terms and Conditions

Dance Tourist/Dance Holidays

  • Definitions
    • 1. In these general terms and conditions and in the privacy policy below, the following terms are used in the following meaning, unless expressly stated otherwise or the context otherwise requires:
      1. Dance Tourist: Dance Tourist/Dance Holidays located at Voorburgstraat 130 A in Rotterdam;
      2. agreement: the agreement between the participant and Dancetourist;
      3. participant: the counterparty of Dancetourist or the person to whom the legal relationship with Dancetourist has been transferred in accordance with article 10 of these general terms and conditions and the dance partner of the counterparty who has been registered by the counterparty as a fellow traveller;
      4. personal data: data that can identify a natural person;
      5. data subject: the natural person to whom the personal data relate;
      6. website: the website www.dans-vakanties.nl.
    • General
      • 1. These general terms and conditions apply to all quotations, offers and agreements of Dancetourist.
      • 2. Deviating conditions only form part of the agreement if these conditions have been expressly agreed in writing or by e-mail.
      • 3. If one or more provisions in these general terms and conditions are at any time wholly or partially null and void or are annulled, the remainder of these general terms and conditions shall remain fully applicable. The void or annulled provisions shall be replaced by Dancetourist, whereby the purpose and scope of the original provision(s) shall be taken into account as much as possible.
      • 4. Dancetourist has the right to change these general terms and conditions. The version of the general terms and conditions that applied at the time the agreement was concluded shall always apply, unless the participant has agreed to the new version of the general terms and conditions after the agreement was concluded.
      • 5. If Dancetourist does not always demand strict compliance with these general terms and conditions, this does not mean that the provisions thereof do not apply, or that Dancetourist would in any way lose the right to demand strict compliance with the provisions of these general terms and conditions in other cases.
  • Offer
    • 1. Every offer is without obligation.
    • 2. A composite quotation does not oblige Dancetourist to perform a part of the agreement for a corresponding part of the stated price.
  • Registration and conclusion of the agreement
    • 1. The participant can register for the trip individually or as a couple via the website or in writing.
    • 2. The same number of leaders and followers must be present on a trip. As long as the trip is not fully booked, a couple can reserve a place directly. Individual registrations can create a waiting list for leaders and/or followers. As soon as an individual leader and an individual follower have registered, these two individuals will be registered as a couple for the trip. This does not imply in any way that a dance couple has been created. It only concerns the reservation.
    • 3. After a couple has registered or after an individual has been paired with another individual, so that the number of leaders and followers is equal, the written agreement and the invoice including these general terms and conditions will be sent to the participant. The participant must return a signed copy of the agreement and the general terms and conditions to Dancetourist. The agreement is concluded after Dancetourist has received the signed agreement and general terms and conditions from the participant.
  • Travel duration and changes
    • 1. The travel duration is stated in days. The days of departure and arrival are included and count as whole days. The relevant times are not the travel times stated in the publication, but the times stated in the travel documents. The travel duration may change as a result of, among other things, changes in timetables and flight schedules of the airlines.
    • 2. If, after the agreement has been concluded, changes still need to be made on behalf of the participant, Dancetourist may charge additional communication costs and additional booking and change costs. The changes will only become part of the agreement after they have been confirmed in writing or by e-mail by Dancetourist.
  • Payment
    • 1. The travel sum must be paid within 14 days after the invoice date.
    • 2. In consultation with Dancetourist, payment can be made in installments.
    • 3. After receipt of the full invoice amount, Dancetourist will send the participant a confirmation of receipt by e-mail.
    • 4. The travel sum must be credited to Dancetourist’s bank account number at least 6 weeks before departure.
    • 5. If the participant does not pay the pre-invoiced amount on time, Dancetourist will send the participant a reminder in which the participant is given the opportunity to pay the outstanding invoice amount within 14 days. If the participant does not respond to the reminder, Dancetourist is entitled to terminate the agreement. In that case, the provisions relating to cancellation by the participant will apply in full and the cancellation costs as described in article 11 will be charged to the participant.
  • Travel 
    • 1. The travel price includes taxes and, if applicable, all additional fees, surcharges and other costs. If these amounts cannot reasonably be calculated before the agreement is concluded, the participant will receive a statement of the type of additional costs that may still be charged to the participant. Insurance is not included in the travel price.
  • Information
    • 1. At the latest when the agreement is concluded, Dancetourist will provide the participant with general information regarding passports, visas and any health formalities.
  • Luggage, travel documents and travel documents
    • 1. The participant must be in possession of all required valid documents upon departure, such as a passport that meets all validity requirements, or, where permitted, an identity card and any required driver’s license.
    • 2. The necessary travel documents will be placed in the possession of the participant no later than 7 days before departure, unless this period must be exceeded for justified reasons. The participant who has not received the necessary travel documents in time is obliged to report this to Dancetourist no later than 5 days before departure.
    • 3. Dancetourist is not liable for loss, damage or the loss of luggage, travel documents and travel documents. Costs resulting from loss and/or theft of luggage, travel documents or travel documents are for the account and responsibility of the participant. The possible liability of the carrier or hotel remains, however.
    • 4. The advice on permitted weight of luggage must be followed. Any additional costs for excess weight are at the expense of the participant.
  • Substitution
    • In good time before the start of the trip, the participant can be replaced by another. The following conditions apply:
      1. the other party complies with all conditions attached to the agreement;
      2. the request is submitted no later than 7 days before departure, or in good time so that the necessary actions and formalities can still be carried out;
      3. the terms and conditions of the service providers involved in the implementation do not preclude this substitution;
      4. the participant is prepared to pay the costs of the replacement. These costs can be very high, especially in the case of airline tickets.
    • The participant and the person replacing him are jointly and severally liable to Dancetourist for the payment of the remaining portion of the travel sum, amendment and communication costs and any additional costs resulting from the replacement.
    • Dancetourist will provide the participant transferring the trip with evidence of additional fees, surcharges and other costs resulting from the transfer.
  • Cancellation by the participant
    • Except for agreements concluded within 10 weeks before departure, agreements can be cancelled free of charge within 10 days of the date of conclusion.
    • For cancellations made 10 days after the date of conclusion of the agreement and between 10 and 8 weeks before departure, the participant will be charged 25% of the travel sum as cancellation costs.
    • Cancellations submitted less than 8 weeks before departure or submitted more than 10 days after the date of conclusion of the agreement will be accepted provided the full travel sum is paid.
    • Cancellation must be made in writing or by email.
    • The participant has the option to cover himself against the risk as described in this article by taking out cancellation insurance.
  • Collection costs
    • The judicial and extrajudicial collection costs that Dancetourist makes to collect the claim from the participant, will be charged to the participant. The extrajudicial collection costs are calculated in accordance with the Collection Costs Act.
  • Changes by Dancetourist
    • Local circumstances may require adjustments to the travel program before or during the trip. In that case, Dancetourist is obliged to offer the participant alternatives that maintain the character of the trip as much as possible. Dancetourist undertakes to limit the adverse consequences for the participant as much as possible. If the aforementioned changes occur after the participant’s departure, Dancetourist will ensure that suitable alternative measures are taken with a view to continuing the trip.
    • Important changes to the trip will only be implemented after the participant has given his/her approval.
    • If the change results in a reduction in the quality or costs of the trip, the participant is entitled to an appropriate price reduction.
  • Cancellation by Dancetourist
    • Dancetourist has the right to terminate the agreement and to fully refund to the participant all amounts paid for the trip without owing any compensation to the participant, if:
      1. Dancetourist cancels the trip because the minimum number of participants, provided for in the agreement and necessary for the execution of the trip, was not reached and the participant has been informed of this in writing within the statutory period;
      2. Dancetourist cannot perform the agreement due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances and Dancetourist informs the participant without delay and before the start of the trip that the agreement is being terminated.
  • Liability
    • Dancetourist assumes that the participant is sufficiently covered by insurance for the trip, including having health insurance with coverage abroad.
    • Dance Toerist is not liable for damage of any nature whatsoever arising from Dancetourist having based its actions on incorrect and/or incomplete information provided by or on behalf of the participant.
    • Dancetourist’s liability is limited to three times the travel sum.
    • The participant is responsible for taking out health, accident, travel, baggage and cancellation insurance. No claim can be made on Dancetourist for additional costs incurred by the participant due to the lack of this insurance.
    • Dancetourist is not liable for any damage suffered by the participant due to arrest by the police and/or other authorities during the trip or due to the participant’s failure to comply or alleged failure to comply with the applicable legal regulations. All consequences thereof are for the account of the participant.
    • If the participant fails to fulfil his obligations towards Dancetourist, fails to fulfil them on time or fails to fulfil them in full, or if the participant acts unlawfully towards Dancetourist, the participant will be liable for all damage suffered by Dancetourist as a result.
  • Participant Obligations
    • The participant is obliged to comply with all instructions from Dancetourist to promote the proper execution of the trip and is liable for damage caused by his/her unauthorized behavior, to be assessed according to the standard of behavior of a correct traveler.
    • The participant must provide Dancetourist with all useful information that may be important to Dancetourist in executing the agreement. If the participant provides incorrect or incomplete information and this leads to additional costs for Dancetourist, these costs may be charged to the participant.
  • Complaints
    • Any complaints that exceed the level of a single comment or remark must be submitted as soon as possible to (an employee of) Dancetourist at the destination and/or at the place where the complaint arose and, if applicable, to the extent possible to the service provider involved. If the complaint cannot be handled satisfactorily on site, the participant can submit the complaint in writing or by e-mail and with reasons within 1 month after returning to the Netherlands.
    • Dancetourist or the service provider concerned must be enabled to take damage-limiting measures.
  • Applicable law and competent court
    • Dutch law applies exclusively to any agreement between Dancetourist and the participant.
    • All disputes concerning agreements between the participant and Dancetourist will be settled exclusively by the competent court in the Netherlands within whose jurisdiction Dancetourist’s registered office is located. The participant has 1 month after Dancetourist has invoked this clause in writing against the participant, to choose to have the dispute settled by the competent court according to the law.