Tango Holiday | Spain | 20 – 27th of July 2020

Tangoholiday to Valencia in Spain 20 – 27th of July 2020

From the 20th till the 27th of July 2020 Dancetourist/Danceholidays presents in cooperation with Mirella & Carlos Santos David and Lorena de Miranda Serra & Jory Raimo from Alma de Tango a Tango holiday to Valencia, Spain.

An entire week full of sun, sea, fun and loads of Tango!

Therefore we’re excited and very proud to announce that Mirella & Carlos Santos David and Lorena de Miranda Serra & Jory Raimo will make their appearance and provide us with fantastic Tango workshops and shows throughout the week.
During a Tango holiday we see our holiday makers showing real improvement in their technique quite quickly. But of course is such progression possible because you go to bed with Tango and get up with Tango again!
Every day after breakfast and before dinner our Tango professionals will provide an outstanding workshop.
In addition to that we’ll arrange a Tango salon every evening in the hotel or we’ll take a trip to the city to attend some wonderful Spanish milongas.
During the week we’ll also have a day off from all the classes.
This day can entirely be spend how you see fit. It’s your vacation! Quality relaxing time on the magnificent beach or strolling into the beautiful city of Valencia to get a good taste of the stunning cultural heritage. It doesn’t matter, as long as you enjoy yourself!
The Tango holidays by Alma de Tango are well-known for their extremely friendly, relaxed, open and casual ambiance. In the middle of it all is the seductive and sensual Tango.
Besides enthusiastically undergoing workshops and experiencing the passionate dance of Tango we most certainly value cozyness and having fun with one another.
Let’s be honest, a holiday without fun isn’t a holiday at all.
Each time we’re delighted and flattered to notice that several holidaymakers sign up to join us every year so they can enjoy this extraordinary entertaining and unforgettable journey once again to the fullest.

Prices start from € 649,- p.p.

4* Hotel Checkin Valencia

We stay in a luxurious and monumental 4* hotel near the beach and the amazing harbor.
Public transport and some of the main attractions of Valencia are really close.
The hotel is fully equipped. Spacious rooms, luxury bathroom, air conditioning, internet (WiFi free), 400m2 garden around etc. The workshops Argentine Tango are given in a dance school down the street of the hotel.
The whole week we will have a great room with a wooden floor and airco for all the classes & milongas.

Workshop Schedule tango holiday

The calendar for the holidays is as follows.
Every morning after breakfast and every evening before dinner
one of the couples will give workshops salsa and/or tango.

Monday arrival

22.00 hour Welcome to Spain party

Tuesday, wednesday, friday, saturday, sunday
10.15-11.30 hour Tango 1
11.45-13.00 hour Tango 2
17.15-18.30 hour Tango 1
19.00-20.15 hour Tango 2

Thursday a day off
For everyone who really wants it is possible to dance!

Monday going back home
Last workshop for everyone who did not leave yet.

This schedule is subject to change.
There will be changes made so that not only group has to wake up early each day.

About Valencia

Valencia is located at the Costa del Azahar next to the Mediterranean Sea and the River the Turia.
The city was founded in 138 BC. by the Romans and is considered as the birthplace of paella, one of the most famous dishes from the Spanish cuisine.
Valencia has no mass tourism, but what they do have is the real Spain.
Beautiful beaches, wonderful mediterranean climate, many clock towers throughout the city, delicious affordable restaurants, a wealth of museums, art galleries and a vibrant nightlife.

Restaurants in Valencia

In Valencia there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a wonderful meal. At the beach, harbor, historic downtown, around the corner from the hotel,there are several restaurants we can recommend.
Prices range from € 8 per menu including a drink to as high as you obviously want to make it yourself.
Clearly, excellent dining in Valencia absolutely does not have to be expensive.