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Tango Holiday Buenos Aires 2019

Tango Holiday Buenos Aires November/December 2019

From 26th of November till 6th of December 2019 Dancetourist organises a Tango holiday to Buenos Aires in Argentina. Have you always wanted to travel to the city of Tango, but you don’t know where to start and also rather don’t wanna go alone?

Book this unique 11 days Tango Holiday to Buenos Aires. We will travel with a small group to the hart of the Argentine Tango! You will have classes by professional Tango teachers at different schools. Every night we will dance in a real Argentine Milonga and ofcourse we will also visit a number of cultural highlights of this fantastic city.

Prices from € 899

Stay in Hotel/Hostel Circus

During this holiday we will stay at Hotel/Hostel Circus in Buenos Aires in the district San Telmo. We choose for a simple hotel to keep the costs down and because this hotel is very safe. Despite the simplicity, the hotel is brand new, clean and provided with all comforts. Modern equiped rooms with bathroom and toilet. Free WiFi, airco, garden with a little pool and a cozy common area. Due to the lower costs for hotel we manage to include all tango classes, entrances to milongas and more in the price for this holiday.

About the district San Telmo

Barrio de San Telmo
In Buenos Aires, each neighborhood has its own atmosphere and color. San Telmo, for example, is also described as ‘the Jordaan of Buenos Aires’. The neighborhood is very atmospheric due to the narrow streets, the artists, the unique bars and restaurants. Special are also the beautiful mansions: a heritage of the 19th century when San Telmo belonged to the richer families of the city. Also for tango this area is fantastic due to the many schools and institutes.


Tuesday: Arrival at night welcome dinner (asado/Argentine bbq)
Wednesday: 2 classes, at night Milonga.
Thursday: 2 classes, at night Milonga.
Friday: 2 classes, at night Milonga
Saturday: excursion La Boca, 1 class, at night Milonga
Sunday: excursion Feria de Mataderos & dancing outside at Plaza Dorrego
Monday: 2 classes, at night Milonga.
Tuesday: day off
Wednesday: 2 classes, at night Milonga.
Thursday: 2 classes, at night Milonga
Friday: departure

This timetable is subject to change. Times, schools, dance nights, shows etc. will be announced when the timetables in Buenos Aires are also known. For more information about the new schedule contact us.

About Buenos Aires

It is the city of the tango, of the square of the foolish mothers and of Evita Péron: Buenos Aires. The capital of Argentina is full of city palaces, wide boulevards and major squares. In addition, Buenos Aires is a bustling city that is in motion every day and night.
Official website tourism B.A .: http://www.bue.gov.ar

Food & drinks

Good food is part of daily life in Buenos Aires. The local people know what a good kitchen needs and they get inspiration from all corners of the world. The restaurants, bistros and eateries are available for every possible budget. Delicious fusion dishes that you buy on the street for multicultural menus in the gourmet restaurants. Argentina is famous for its beef. The steak is one of the most popular dishes in Buenos Aires.


Feria de Mataderos

Feria de Mataderos is a traditional Sunday market. This market is organised every sunday in the hometown Mataderos. Mataderos is the perfect location to enjoy traditional singing and dancing, gauchocompetitions, fine (often homemade) souvenirs and delicious food. The square is surrounded by huge Parillas (Argentinian Barbecues) and more than 100 market stalls selling everything.

Plaza Dorrego

Plaza Dorrego is a famous square in the heart of San Telmo neighborhood. It is one of the oldest squares of the city and is surrounded by bars, pubs and coffee houses. On the square itself tango dancers often show the best of themselves. Every Sunday morning there is a large antique market. The square and the streets around are filled with stalls with art, kitsch and antiques. There are also often street performers and mimespelers.

La Boca

La Boca is one of the most colorful neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. The heart of the tourist area of ​​La Boca is El Caminito Street. Around these streets are many restaurants and souvenir shops. La Boca is not sure to name the birthplace of the Tango, but it is sure that the dance and the music became extremely popular over here. You’ll still find plenty of tango clubs and tango dancers / tango shows on the streets. The houses are decorated with murals of Tango and the culture in the neighborhood. El Caminito with its many murals and statues is sometimes called ‘the world’s first open-air museum for pedestrians’. The neighborhood is also known for its famous football club, the Boca Juniors. Their old star Diego Maradonna.